Using BearHugs as a Force for Good

Inspired by B Impact Assessment

It's important to us that BearHugs embodies our values through and through. We want everything about us right down to our core to act a force for good. And we want this to be true for the long term.

One of our values is open, honest communication and with this in mind we thought we'd share where we are on our journey to making BearHugs the very best it can be for our team members, our community and the enivronment. You'll see where we are at this moment in time and what we're working on. If you have any suggestions or can help us with any of our goals, please do feel free to reach out. We always love to hear from you.

Good for Team members

At this moment in time...

  • We offer part-time, flexible, remote opportunities.
  • We're a Real Living Wage employer.
  • Employees and managers are given the same benefits.
  • We offer pensions.
  • All employees have the opportunity for regular, friendly 'Catch Up Cuppa's. We put the kettle on, grab some cake and discuss the employee's role and future goals within (and outside of) BearHugs.
  • We have a lovely, easy to understand BearHugs Employee Handbook.
  • Our employee's salaries match or are above market average.
  • We provide accessibility aids and software for employees wherever appropriate and possible.

Things we have on our radar to work on...

  • Incorporating the following into our Catch Up Cuppa framework:
    •  Discussion about training and development needs and wishes.
    • Occupational health check-ins.
  • Introducing an empowered employee-led health and safety committee.
  • Internal training and development programmes.
  • Subsidisation of external training and development opportunities.