Meet Our Makers: The Printed Peanut

Driven by a love of illustrating and peanut butter (what a brilliant combination!), Louise Lockhart created The Printed Peanut after seeing an opportunity to create quality party games that include beautiful illustrations. Louise proudly runs The Printed Peanut as a one-woman enterprise, based in Yorkshire,.and has now expanded her range of products to include homewares, apparel, prints and much more besides.

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Meet Our Makers: Tipple Tails

The fantastic handmade creations of Tipple Tails are the work of Sheffield-based Jane Stammers. Jane’s passion for baking began from a young age; growing up with her parents and four siblings, Jane’s childhood was filled with memories of home grown fruit being made into delicious baked goods. As the years went by, Jane’s own fruit cake became such a family favourite that she was enlisted to bake it for numerous special occasions, before Tipple Tails was born. Jane uses fabulously indulgent boozy infusions to add the ‘tipple’ to her luxurious fruit cakes. Each flavour adds a little twist to the tradition; from flavours of chocolate, to ginger, cherry or cinnamon, all of course including unique liqueur infusions. And for those who love cake without the tipple, nothing can beat a ‘Total Fruit Cake’ with a steaming hot cuppa. Perfect!

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Birthday Gifts To Send By Post

Whatever the birthday, wherever they are, BearHugs would love to help you put together an extra special birthday gift box delivered by post direct to your loved one.

We love seeing all the different reasons people have sent BearHugs. There’s been long distance relationship gifts, thank you gifts for teachers, thinking of you sympathy gifts…there’s even been a proposal BearHug!

But one of the major reasons to send a BearHug has got to be birthdays. A great number of lovely BearHugs customers choose a BearHugs gift box as the perfect birthday gift to be delivered direct to a friend or loved one.

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Accessible Working Opportunities for People Living With Chronic Illness

As you may know if you've read our story, our Chief Sender of Hugs, Faye, launched BearHugs after falling ill in her early twenties. Originally diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /M.E. and later with Lyme disease, Faye found that although able to work in some capacity, she wasn't able to find employment that was a good fit due to the fluctuating nature of her condition.

Faye is now incredibly passionate about:

  • offering flexible, accessible, remote opportunities for people who find themselves in similar shoes
  • encouraging other employers to consider accessibility for people with chronic, often "invisible", health conditions
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Cheer Up Gifts Delivered

Here at BearHugs we believe in the power of post! We know that sometimes an unexpected, thoughtful gift delivered through the post is exactly what it takes to turn a week around and cheer someone up.

We at BearHugs want to help. If you can’t deliver a cheer up gift face to face, you can curate the perfect thinking of you gift by post.

BearHugs offers a range of cheer up gifts delivered by post directly to your loved one’s door.

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Meet Our Makers: Dandelion Cocoa

A true treat for the chocoholics among us (that’s almost everyone, then!), Dandelion Cocoa is the wonderful work of Sorrel Botham. Sorrel makes an amazingly delicious range of chocolate bars, truffles, lollies and hot chocolate stirrers that not only taste fabulous, but look absolutely beautiful – nearly too good to eat, but don’t let that stop you!

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BearHugs Featured On Prince's Trust Tomorrow's Store Online

I’ve written before about how much the Prince’s Trust has done both for BearHugs and me personally. Getting to go out as a Prince’s Trust ambassador and talk about the work of the Trust is one of the things I am most proud to do.

Did you know that The Prince’s Trust also has an Online Store, selling products created by Prince’s Trust entrepreneurs? Find out more here....

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Easter Gift Delivery

Easter Gifts already? It’s only just been Mother’s Day and now we want to talk about Easter? Well, Easter Sunday is April 1st this year. That’s less than three weeks away!

Here’s the good news, Easter means chocolate! And I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear that here at BearHugs we’re big chocolate fans! If you’re looking for the perfect Easter gift to send someone by post, BearHugs is here to help!

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Prince's Trust Awards 2018

Some of you might remember that last year I had the incredible honour of being a finalist at the Prince’s Trust Awards, where  

This year, I was invited to attend the awards in London again. This time in my role as an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust - something I am incredibly proud to do. The awards were hosted again by Ant and Dec and included, alongside Prince Charles, Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman, Tom Jones and Bryan Cranston!

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