Project Parent and BearHugs

Those of you who follow the wonderful Project Parent on Facebook might have seen their lovely recent post about BearHugs. They wrote:

“Last year, BearHugs were kind enough to donate 50 boxes to help carers in our local community. I’m finally getting around to writing the thank you’s & feedback but wanted to share some quotes with you. Faye has always been incredibly supportive of me and is someone I will continue to look up to! Her whole team did a fantastic job helping us out, so thank you all for your kindness.

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Now taking Christmas orders!

If you’d like to surprise someone with a unique, memorable Christmas present, we’re your bears! Our gift boxes can be curated and personalised to meet your needs this Christmas - choose a ready-to-go BearHugs gift box or build your own unique, personal hamper.

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New Challenges and the New Student Year

The start of the new student year can be daunting for lots of people. Thousands of students are heading to university for the first time - unsure what to expect, who they will meet and how their course will go.

And thousands more students are returning to university. Another year of exams, dissertations, late-nights out and late-nights studying.

It’s especially hard for students who are perhaps leaving some of their best friends. Whether that’s because not everyone is going to university, or people are heading off to different universities. Those people who you’ve been there for week in week out are now much further away. And of course you’ll keep in touch, but how can you best show someone that you’re still thinking of them? 

Whether you’re looking to give someone a pamper, a peaceful moment, or a chilled out evening with a book, we’ve got a whole range of thinking of you gift boxes designed to give all the warmth and comfort of a hug when you can’t be with them in person.

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BearHugs and Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice in The Sheffield Star

The Sheffield Star recently ran an article focussing on BearHugs’ charity partnership with the wonderful Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

The article, headlined ‘No paws for this kind initiative by Sheffield entrepreneur’, details the history of the partnership between BearHugs and Bluebell Wood.

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Introducing our Primary School Kindness Activity Pack!

At BearHugs, we believe that no act of kindness (no matter how small!) is ever wasted, and we could think of no better way to get this across to people by teaching children at a young age about the importance of being kind. We feel that kindness can get a little lost in the lead up to Christmas with all the (lovely!) festivities, therefore we wanted to put together Kindness Enrichment resources for schools for this period of year and to be aimed at Key Stage One (5-7 year olds).

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Five Thoughtful Gift Boxes For Young Children

It can be hard to think of unique, thoughtful gifts for young children. We know that people love to send our signature hug in box BearHugs boxes because of how much children love to open them and experience the surprise of the arms popping out - but just as importantly, what should go inside a gift box for the little one in your life?

Here at BearHugs, we’ve put together some Ready To Order gift boxes designed to take the stress away. Just choose the hug in a box gift box that you think the little one in your life would love most, add your personalised message, and wait to see the smile on their face!

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Our Hug Donation Scheme and You

There’s nothing we love more than hearing from recipients of our Hug Donations. You might have seen our recent post on Instagram about Matthew, who was sent a much-deserved hug through our partnership with Bluebell Wood. We are really proud to get to hear about people as brilliant as Matthew.

You might also have seen the Sheffield Star’s recent article about our Hug Donation Scheme. 

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BearHugs and the Best Gifts To Express Sympathy from AK Lander

AK Lander recently focussed on BearHugs in their Best Gifts To Express Sympathy post. Faye was also asked a few questions for the piece, which you can read in full here.

The article makes suggestions about appropriate gifts for expressing sympathy, including BearHugs gift boxes and other ideas, such as memorial jewellery and photo albums.

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Student Hug in a Box Care Packages

The start of a new year as a student is a really tough time - and one that reports are showing more and more people struggle with. The hardest thing can be the separation. You might be away from family, your old friends, your old support network. That’s why many of our customers like to send our BearHugs gift boxes as student care packages at the start of the new year - to let that special someone know that they are there with them, even if they can’t be in person.

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Team BearHugs Get Together 2019

Last month something very exciting happened! You may know if you’ve been following BearHugs for a while that our team is spread far and wide across the country with some of our lovely bears working remotely from home. On 7th August, we got to meet for some face to face time and it was really very special.

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Back To School Gifts

Have you been looking for a supportive back to school gift for children? We know the start of the school year can be a stressful time for a little one - especially if they’re starting at a new school for the first time!

If you’ve been trying to think of a thoughtful, fun way to wish someone luck in their new year at school, or to let someone know how proud of them you are, we’ve put together a guide to some of our customer-favourite children gift ideas.

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Gifts To Send When Someone Is Having A Tough Time

We all go through rough patches sometimes, and finding a way to try and cheer someone up isn’t always easy - and finding gifts to cheer someone up is even more difficult.

That’s why, here at BearHugs, we’re proud to have some special gift boxes designed especially to make the perfect gifts to cheer someone up, whatever they’re going through.

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Gifts To Cheer Someone Up

Here at BearHugs, we love that so many of our kind and thoughtful customers choose to send our BearHugs hug in a box gifts as gifts to cheer someone up.

We also know how hard it can be to come up with ideas for gifts to cheer someone up. That’s why we’ve put together a little list to give you some inspiration for putting together the perfect gift box to cheer someone up.

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Faye in Louise Pentland's Vlog

Did you see Chief Sender of Hugs, Faye, in Louise Pentland’s vlog about the Hello! Star Women Awards? Faye absolutely loved meeting Louise, having followed her online for years. Louise is down-to-earth, funny and incredibly kind. To be featured in her vlog was a pretty exciting thing!

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