Corporate Gifts Delivered By Post In The UK With BearHugs - Your Questions Answered

Corporate Gifts Delivered By Post In The UK With BearHugs - Your Questions Answered - BearHugs

We receive a lot of questions from people looking to have corporate gift boxes delivered by post in the UK with BearHugs.

What sorts of corporate gifts do people want delivered by post with BearHugs?

It varies! We have gift boxes of different sizes, price points, and themes, and we’re always surprised by the range of reasons someone might be getting in touch. Some people would like tea and biscuits delivered for teabreaks at virtual events, some people are looking to design different, personalised gift boxes for each and every member of their team. 

How do people choose the corporate gifts they want delivered by post with BearHugs?

Some people come to us with specific ideas in mind. They’ve maybe taken a look at our range of gift boxes and seen one they like, or looked through our full range of treats and put together a combination they think their team will love.

Other people get in touch with, perhaps, a budget in mind, or an occasion, and ask for our help in curating the gift box that would suit them best. We’re just as happy to help someone who comes with a complete idea of what they want as we are someone who isn’t really sure yet!

Can gifts be delivered to home addresses?

Absolutely! We can have your corporate BearHugs gift boxes delivered to a single address, a few addresses, or as many addresses as you’d like! Sometimes people are looking to have their gift boxes delivered to one central address, so they can be handed out in person. However, over the last couple of years especially, with more people than ever working from home, we have been delivering our gift boxes to a range of home addresses more and more.

What happens with the data we share with BearHugs?

An important question! Obviously, if we are delivering to multiple addresses, you will have to share the recipients’ address with us. This data is not stored anywhere, except for temporarily on our shipping system so that we can have your gift boxes distributed individually. We will never use this data for any purpose other than ensuring your gift boxes are delivered safely.

How is payment arranged for having the corporate gifts delivered?

We can accept payment by card, BACS transfer, or create an invoice if you need to create a PO in order for your finance team to be able to process the payment.

What sorts of organisations has BearHugs delivered corporate gifts for?

All sorts! From local social enterprises who we know personally, to large organisations who are looking to treat a large workforce, we’ve worked with allsorts!

We’ve especially worked with teams within the NHS quite a lot, and that’s always a real privilege. During the pandemic in particular, we were so touched by the number of conversations we were having with staff in the NHS that we launched our NHS donation scheme for a period too.

From week to week, month to month, it’s always a surprise who we might be helping next.

If someone is looking to send gifts to their employees or colleagues by post, how should they get in touch?

You can pop us an email at, and we’ll get back to you within one working day to discuss which corporate gifts would work best for you.

There’s also a super quick form below, where you can provide us with a little bit more info, things like how many boxes you’d like to send and so on, and we can get back to you with some options that will meet your requirements.

But like I say, if you’re not exactly sure what you’re after, we’re more than happy to help put some ideas together to get the ball rolling too!

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