Corporate gifts sent through the post

Corporate gifts sent through the post

BearHugs’ mission is to help people across the UK send a gift through the post, whatever the occasion. If you are looking for fresh new ideas for gifts you can send to hard working employees to show your appreciation, then we would be delighted to help!

Sending a corporate gift through the post would be great for you if:

- your employees have been working extra hard recently and deserve a big thank you.

- you have a big meeting coming up in which your staff could benefit from a boost at break time.

- you want to raise the wellbeing of your team after a stressful season.

Team BearHugs is constantly thoughtfully curating new product ranges and ready to go gift boxes, so that there is always something fresh to spark your interest when looking into corporate gifts to send through the post. This blog will guide you through some of the options we have available.

Letterbox Gifts

If you’re looking to send corporate gifts sent through the post, our letterbox sized BearHugs are ideal. They are just the right size to fit in a couple of lovely treats for your employees to enjoy, whilst still slotting perfectly through the letterbox. This means that your busy workers get their goodies as soon as possible as they’re not having to rush to the door to greet the postie! 

Corporate Gifts To Say ‘Thank You’

Whether your team has just smashed its targets, completed a big project or is just well overdue a thank you to boost morale, our gift boxes are perfect if you’re looking to send corporate thank you gifts through the post.

Corporate Gifts For Team Time

If you’re due to get everyone together for a meeting, review or team building time, having a box of goodies sent out to everyone in advance is a sure way to boost everyone’s mood and mindset ready for a productive time together.

Corporate Gifts To Promote Staff Wellbeing

We love and fully support that many businesses are setting aside time to make sure that their employees’ wellbeing is maintained, especially within fast paced work environments. We absolutely love helping you create corporate gifts sent through the post for this reason, and have a lovely range of relaxing, self care promoting hug in a box gifts that your employees are sure to be extra grateful for as they unwind after a busy day.

Whatever your reason for sending gifts to employees through the post, we are here to help you every step of the way.

If you choose BearHugs to arrange your corporate gifts sent through the post, we are chuffed to offer a truly personalised service. This enables you to:

- Speak with a member of the BearHugs team at every stage of your order and any time you have questions.

- Be fully involved with the finer details of your order, to make sure it feels personal and reflects your brand values.

- Draw on our years of gifting experience to help make the perfect order if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for.

- Send gifts to an unlimited number of unique employee addresses.

- Include a custom message in each BearHug box at no extra cost to you.

If it sounds like BearHugs is the right fit to make your corporate gifts sent through the post happen, you can find out more here or drop us a message below to get things started.

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A Little About BearHugs

We love helping people send all the warmth and comfort of a hug from afar.

When you order a ‘hug in a box’ gift hamper, you can add extra personal touches such as your own message. Every BearHugs gift box is hand-packed with love and then popped in the post so it can be sent directly to a doorstep of your loved one. 

We’re really proud of our signature 'hug' gift boxes which reveal outstretched paws and a ‘Consider this a BearHug’ message on opening. They never fail to make us smile and we love hearing that they’ve made recipients smile too.

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