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Gifts to send to office employees

 Create the perfect gift for office employees with BearHugs

Are you looking for a fun and thoughtful gift for your office employees? Whether you're planning to celebrate an achievement, mark a new milestone for your organisation or share a little joy over the holidays, this thoughtful gesture is the perfect way to let your team know how appreciated they are, and thank them for all their hard work.

Here at BearHugs, we create fun and unique bespoke gift boxes, perfect for surprising your employees. Not only can your gift for office employees be tailored to meet your organisation's needs, they will also help us to make a social impact by contributing to our Hug Nominations.

So how does it work?

Step 1: Decide what you're looking for

Are you sending a new employee gift to welcome a new member into your team? Or organising a team-wide holiday gift box, to celebrate Christmas, Easter or Eid? Or perhaps you’re planning a training event and want a little something extra to thank your attendees? We love working with companies to create bespoke gift boxes to fit their needs, whether it's a singular gift box, or one thousand. We can also work with a wide range of budgets, with our smallest letterbox gifts starting at just £7, all the way up to our bumper gift boxes for £30+. Just get in touch and we will work with you to design the perfect gift for any occasion.

Step 2: Pick your gifts

Once you get in touch, we will be able to work with you to design the perfect gift box for office employees, but here are a few favourites to get started.

You can't go wrong with a thoughtful Tea and Biscuits gift box, perfect for a fun morning tea break during training events, and as a way to say ‘Thank You’ to your team.

Welcome your new employees with a stationery gift, and get them set up with everything they’ll need in the office.

If your employees are coming to the end of a long project, then surprise them with a pampering and mindfulness gift box, perfect for unwinding on the weekend.

We have a wide range of unique gifts, from pens to seedballs to sweetie packets that would make a great addition to your gift for office employees. 

If you have a company product you’d like us to add, we can arrange for that to be included too.

Step 3: Add a message

Whether you’re looking to include an individual message in each of your gift boxes, or would like a central message added to every box, we've got you covered! We can add your personal message to your office employee gifts using our thoughtful BearHugs notecards.

Step 4: Organise delivery

We have two helpful delivery options for your gifts for office employees:

We can organise for your gifts to be delivered to a central location, ideal for hand delivering your gifts, or having employees collect them from the office.

Alternatively, we can post them to individual addresses so your employees receive them at home. This is great for remote working staff, remote events, and holiday gifts that are intended to surprise your team at home.

Step 5: Celebrate with your employees!

Now you’re all done, and it’s time to celebrate! Whether you’ve organised your office employee gifts for an event, a holiday celebration, or as a thank you gift, your employees are sure to appreciate this thoughtful token.

To get started organising your gifts for office employees, drop us a message below!

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We love helping people send all the warmth and comfort of a hug from afar.

When you order a ‘hug in a box’ gift hamper, you can add extra personal touches such as your own message. Every BearHugs gift box is hand-packed with love and then popped in the post so it can be sent directly to a doorstep of your loved one. 

We’re really proud of our signature 'hug' gift boxes which reveal outstretched paws and a ‘Consider this a BearHug’ message on opening. They never fail to make us smile and we love hearing that they’ve made recipients smile too.

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