Best Gifts To Cheer Up A Friend

Best Gifts To Cheer Up A Friend

Send A Cheer Up Gift By Post With BearHugs

From bad breakups, to difficult mental health days, to being stressed at work, when you’re best friend is feeling down, there is nothing more important than finding a way to bring a smile to their face. Sending a thoughtful gift to cheer up a friend is a lovely way of letting them know that you have their back, no matter the distance.

At BearHugs, we offer a wide range of thoughtful hug in a box gifts, perfect for giving your friend a little pick-me-up. From tea and biscuits to books and pampering, we’ve got you covered! You can choose from one of our ready-to-go gift boxes, or even build your own. Finish it off by adding your own message to send your friend a few encouraging words and let them know they’re in your thoughts.


Best Gifts To Cheer Up A Friend For £0 - £10

Our thoughtful hug in a box gifts are the perfect little pick-me-up for a friend in need. We offer a range of letterbox gifts that are perfectly designed to fit through your loved ones' post box, so you don’t need to worry about busy friends being in to collect their gift from the postie. When they arrive home from a long day at work they will find a thoughtful cheer up gift waiting for them! With free postage, you can treat your friend to a cosy cuppa and biscuits, a chocolate treat or even our seedballs for the perfect cheer up gift.


Best Gifts To Cheer Up A Friend For £10 - £20

When a friend is in need, we know there is nothing that a cosy cuppa and a natter can’t help. Our tea and biscuits hug in a box gifts are perfect for a friend in need of a little hug. With our signature ‘A little brew to get you through,’ design, your loved one will be reminded of your thoughtful treat every time they pop the kettle on.

We also have a whole range of hug in a box gifts perfect for pampering. From bath bombs to candles to face masks, you can treat your friend to a relaxing pampering night in with the perfect cheer up gift.


Best Gifts To Cheer Up A Friend For £20 +

Why not spoil your friend with your hug in a box gift, and treat them to something extra special? Nothing says 'I'm here for you' quite like a pair of super cosy new socks, and you can’t go wrong with surprising your loved one with a yummy food gift. From tasty treats to cosy goodies your thoughtful hug in a box cheer up gift is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.


Finish Off Your Cheer Up Gift…

… With a thoughtful message! All of our hug in a box gifts come with the option to add your own personalised message. If you’d like to include your extra special message, why not add one to your BearHug? We’ll be sure to pop your message inside for the perfect cheer up gift!


If you can’t find quite what you’re looking for in our ready to go boxes, why not build your own? You can choose from our full selection of thoughtful gifts for a truly personalised cheer up gift.

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A Little About BearHugs

We love helping people send all the warmth and comfort of a hug from afar.

When you order a ‘hug in a box’ gift hamper, you can add extra personal touches such as your own message. Every BearHugs gift box is hand-packed with love and then popped in the post so it can be sent directly to a doorstep of your loved one. 

We’re really proud of our signature 'hug' gift boxes which reveal outstretched paws and a ‘Consider this a BearHug’ message on opening. They never fail to make us smile and we love hearing that they’ve made recipients smile too.

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