Get Well Soon Gifts Sent By Post

Get Well Soon Gifts Sent By Post

Sometimes sending a get well soon gift through the post is all you can do to let someone know you’re thinking of them. If someone is poorly, and you’re unable to see them, whether they’re near or far away, not being able to help can be incredibly frustrating. That’s why we know the importance of being able to send a get well soon gift through the post, from wherever you are, to wherever your poorly loved one is.

BearHugs offers a range of hug in a box gift boxes, delivering all the warmth and comfort of a hug when you can’t be there to deliver it in person. We know when someone is poorly, all you want to do is give them a hug, and our BearHugs gift boxes enable you to do just that by sending a get well soon gift through the post.


Get Well Soon Gifts Sent By Post…For Winter

Winter seems to be the worst time for picking up those colds and nasty bugs. When you’re feeling poorly, and cold on top of it, it can be hard to keep yourself warm and feeling human. That’s why sending a get well soon gift through the post that’s designed especially to help keep someone toasty this winter might be just what the doctor (well, not the doctor, but you, the doctor of gift-sending!) ordered.

If you’re putting together a gift box for someone who you’re hoping will get well soon this winter, then we’ve got a whole host of cosy, warming treats to help someone on their way to being on the mend this winter. Why not include one of our cosy candles to help set a nice toasty atmosphere while they try and relax? We’ve also got a whole range of fun and super soft socks to help keep those toes wrapped up nicely during those chilly days. We’ve also got a range of hot drinks, including a wide range of teas (in all sorts of flavours) and coffee to help someone keep themselves warm while they’re under the weather. Oh, and of course, a Little Brew To Get You Through mug to drink from!

Get Well Soon Gifts Sent By Post…To Keep Them Going Physically

When you’re not feeling well, you need supplies to see you through! We’d recommend starting off with a delicious hot chocolate stirrer. Luxurious and decadent, simply stir into a warm mug of your choice of milk for a hot chocolate that can’t be beat.

If you’re not feeling well, sometimes just having something tasty to hand that you can keep reaching for is all you want. That’s why Island Bakery biscuits make the perfect addition to any get well soon gift box sent through the post. Or, if you’re sending your gift box to someone you know has a particular sweet tooth, then our range of bags of sweets, from retro sweets to fun vegan and vegetarian options, might be exactly the little sugar boost they need to keep them going.


Get Well Soon Gifts Sent By Post…To Keep Them Feeling Positive

Biscuits and chocolate are all well and good for fuelling a poorly body, but what about the emotional burden of feeling unwell? If you want to ensure your get well soon gift box contains treats to help your loved one feel positive and optimistic, then we’ve got you covered.

From stickers with helpful reminders, to keyrings and coasters with positive affirmations, we’ve got lots of lovely supportive items to help your get well soon gift box feel as supportive and positive as possible. 


Get Well Soon Gifts Sent By Post…For Pampering

When you’re not feeling well, especially if you’re lying in bed a lot of the time, it can be important to try and keep yourself feeling fresh and clean if possible. That’s why our range of pamper and bathing products are such popular additions to get well soon gift boxes. We’ve got a whole range of treats to help someone start to feel a little better in themselves.

Sending A Get Well Soon Gift By Post…A Quick How To

So, you’ve spotted the ideal get well soon gift box from our Ready To Go range, or you’ve put together the perfect combination of treats from our Build Your Own Get Well Soon Gift Box page…now what?

You’re nearly done! Once you’ve got everything you want in your gift box in your cart, go to checkout and we’ll just need a few more key bits of information. Just pop in the delivery address of the recipient of your get well soon gift box, and let us know if there’s a particular message you’d like included inside, and then you’re all done! We’ll have your get well soon gift packed up in one of our signature BearHugs hug gift boxes and on it’s way as soon as possible!

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A Little About BearHugs

We love helping people send all the warmth and comfort of a hug from afar.

When you order a ‘hug in a box’ gift hamper, you can add extra personal touches such as your own message. Every BearHugs gift box is hand-packed with love and then popped in the post so it can be sent directly to a doorstep of your loved one. 

We’re really proud of our signature 'hug' gift boxes which reveal outstretched paws and a ‘Consider this a BearHug’ message on opening. They never fail to make us smile and we love hearing that they’ve made recipients smile too.

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