How to Design The Perfect Uni Survival Kit Gift

How to Design The Perfect Uni Survival Kit Gift

Kelly Reid is a Digital Marketing Assistant at BearHugs Gifts.

Being a university student is TOUGH! As every current and former student knows, there is nothing easy about 9am lectures, all-day labs or final exam season (I’m getting nervous just remembering it!) I finished university almost four years ago, and since then I’ve watched as friends continued on through their final years and Master's programmes. Every year, as final exams approached I thought about what I could do to help give them a little breather, whether it was baking them cookies, sending cards, or putting together a Uni Survival Kit to help them through. 

Whether your loved one is struggling to settle into Uni and feeling homesick, finding it hard to keep up with all their studies, or are in peak exam stress season, there is no better way to give your loved one a good old hug in the post and cheer them on than by sending them a Uni Survival Kit Gift.

I’ve put together a few of my favourite suggestions to include in a Uni Survival Kit, based on what I desperately wanted as a student, and what I’ve sent to my friends and loved ones over the years to support them. Here at BearHugs, we have a huge variety of gifts that would be perfect for students, so if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for here, why not take a stroll through our Build-Your-Own BearHug page to find the perfect fit?

Foodie Gifts For Your Uni Survival Kit Gift

One thing every Uni student will know is that you can’t go wrong with food gifts. Being thrown into living by yourself and cooking all your meals is a massive challenge for students, and learning to juggle your time around studying, socialising and taking care of household things is hard. That’s why one of the best things you can send in your Uni Survival Kit Gift is lots and lots of snacks!

Back when my friends were going through exams, I used to bake cookies to send in the post, and they always went down a treat! Your loved one would so appreciate a biscuit in their Uni Survival Kit to munch on. Pair it with a cup of tea or coffee for the perfect morning tea break.

Alongside your yummy biscuits, you might like to send some sweetie treats. These are the perfect motivator for getting through a long and boring lecture, or reward for finishing exams.

If your loved one is still settling into Uni, or is struggling to juggle all their new cooking responsibilities, sending them some healthy snacks to eat between meals is a great gift idea. Like most students on a budget, I didn’t always have a lot of money to buy yummy snack foods at Uni, so healthy snack packs would have been very appreciated. 

Stationery Essentials For Your Uni Survival Kit Gift

Being a student usually means an endless stream of lectures, seminars, labs and office hours, and the one thing all of these have in common is note-taking. When I was studying, I used to go through four or more notebooks a term, plus multiple pens, and using the perfect stationery made such a difference in how relaxed and organised I was during exam revision. Sending your loved one a fun stationery gift in their Uni Survival Kit Gift is the perfect way to help make the studying process just a little easier!

Let's start with notebooks. When I was studying, I had a different notebook for every module to make sure all my notes stayed organised. Having a fun, cute notebook can make taking notes in that one really difficult class just a little bit easier.

Picking the perfect pen when you’re writing notes all the time isn’t just about looks, but also about comfort. Our adorable Encouraging Pens have fun inspiring messages, perfect for cheering your loved one on, and a comfortable grip to match. This was one of the first things I got when I started working for BearHugs, and now I don't write any notes without it!

Fun Treats For Your Uni Survival Kit Gift

It wouldn’t be a Uni Survival Kit if it didn’t include a few fun treats! Being a student is hard enough as is, so why not surprise your loved one with a few little cheer-up gifts to help them relax?

If there is one true nightmare for students, it's the communal kitchen. It’s never clean, people are always using your things, and everything breaks eventually. One of my friends at Uni had a whole collection of mugs that had lost their handles! You can't go wrong treating your loved one to a BearHugs Mug.

Top off your box with a couple of pampering gifts for that extra bit of luxury every student needs. 

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in these Uni Survival Kit suggestions. All the products can be found on our Build Your Own BearHug page so you can start building the perfect Uni Survival Kit Gift today, filled with the perfect thoughtful gifts that every student needs.

If you’re not sure you have time to design your own box, why not take a peek at our ready-to-go boxes, and see if one of them is the ideal fit for your loved one? Or you can take a look at our full build-your-own BearHug shop and choose from our full range of items to make your Uni Survival Kit Gift!

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