We Will Miss You Presents

We Will Miss You Presents

If a colleague is heading on to new things, a ‘we will miss you present’ is an ideal way of wishing them well and showing your appreciation for all everything they’ve done.

Bearhugs is a social enterprise that was founded because of the impact that a thoughtful care package had on our Chief Sender of Hugs, Faye. We now make it our mission to ensure that no matter the occasion, you have everything you need to send the perfect hug in a box gift by post.

In this gift guide, we will be taking you through some of the gifts that we think would make ideal we will miss you presents, from encouraging treats to things that will help someone settle into a new phase of their life.

Whether they’re heading off to a new job elsewhere or signing off for maternity leave, sending a we will miss you gift hamper full to the brim of lovely presents will no doubt make them feel supported and bring a smile to their face.

We Will Miss You Presents - Gifts To Encourage Them As You Send Them On Their Way

- Every thoughtfully chosen gift deserves a wonderful card to complete it. Maybe you’re sending your we will miss you present on behalf of the whole team? Adding on a card is the ideal way of sending your love and support from the whole gang.

- Change can be exhausting! Encourage some down time before they start their next chapter with some relaxing pampering treats like bath salts or a nourishing body butter.

- Consider including something that they can keep hold of as a little reminder of your support and encouragement. We have a range of small sentimental tokens and gestures available.

We Will Miss You Presents - Gifts To Help Them Feel At Home In Their Next Chapter

- An important step in being inducted into a new work place is working out where the tea station is! Why not gift them a mug that they can can take with them to their new office to remind them of their old colleagues?

- Of course, no mug is any good without something delicious to fill it up with! Get them stocked up on caffeine by including some tea or coffee in your we will miss you present.

- A brilliant way to make new friends in a new office is to come bearing yummy gifts. We have lots of more-ish snacks you could include in your hug in a box gift that will go down a treat, from biscuits to nuts, sweets to chocolate. If your colleague is leaving to look after a little one, then these will be much appreciated to keep them going through the sleepless nights!

- Another lovely idea of a gift to go in your we will miss you present is to include items that will help them set up their new workspace and keep track of all the new things to remember! Stationery like pens and notepads are really versatile for them to use however would be most useful.

- A coaster with a quote encouraging them to be kind and gentle with themselves as they navigate this big transition is a lovely way to lift them up daily as well as make their new space feel more homely.

Hopefully those pointers have been really helpful in sparking your imagination on how to build the ultimate we will miss you present. You can find all the products mentioned below, so you can start creating your hug in a box gift hamper straight away!

If you’re still not quite sure what to pop into your we will miss you present, do check out our ready to go boxes. There are lots of lovely combinations of gifts which have been curated to take the stress out sending a thoughtful care package in the post. You can also have a look at our shop for our full range of items. This would be a particularly great shout if you want your we will miss you present to double up as a pregnancy gift hamper or new baby gift box, as we have lots of adorable baby items!

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We love helping people send all the warmth and comfort of a hug from afar.

When you order a ‘hug in a box’ gift hamper, you can add extra personal touches such as your own message. Every BearHugs gift box is hand-packed with love and then popped in the post so it can be sent directly to a doorstep of your loved one. 

We’re really proud of our signature 'hug' gift boxes which reveal outstretched paws and a ‘Consider this a BearHug’ message on opening. They never fail to make us smile and we love hearing that they’ve made recipients smile too.

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