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Hooray It's Your Day Birthday Letterbox Hug

Hooray It's Your Day Birthday Letterbox Hug

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Help a special someone celebrate with this Hooray, It's Your Day Birthday Hug in a Box! It's the perfect package filled with goodies that'll make your friend, family member or loved one smile on their special day.

First up, we have a mini matchbox filled with "Bee Happy" seed balls. These little wonders are like a burst of floral joy waiting to bloom. Plant them in a garden or pot, and watch as beautiful flowers come to life, attracting bees and bringing happiness all around.

But the fun doesn't stop there! We've also included a handmade white chocolate mini bar, covered in colourful sprinkles and adorned with a "Yay" sticker. It's like a party in your mouth, delivering sweetness and celebration with every bite. 

And to keep those lips birthday-ready, we've got a tin of raspberry and marshmallow-flavoured "Birthday Cake" lip balm. It's like a slice of indulgence for the lips, moisturising them while providing a delicious burst of flavour. 

The best part? This Hooray, It's Your Day Birthday Hug in a Box is letterbox-friendly, so it can be sent directly to your friend's doorstep as a surprise. 

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