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Hot Chocolate Letterbox Hug

Hot Chocolate Letterbox Hug

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Do you know someone who¬†needs a cosy pick-me-up or a warm hug in a box? We've got just the thing‚ÄĒour Hot Chocolate Letterbox Hug in a Box!¬†

Inside this signature BearHugs "hug" box, you'll find pure indulgence in the form of luxury hot chocolate flakes. Made with love and the finest blend of milk and dark chocolate, these flakes will transform a simple cup of hot milk into a rich, velvety, and oh-so-delicious hug.

We've also included a gift box of pink and white mini marshmallows. These little clouds of sweetness are the perfect companions to any hot chocolate. Just sprinkle them on top and watch them melt.

This Hot Chocolate Letterbox Hug in a Box is perfect to send directly to your loved one as a pick-me-up or thinking-of-you gift. It's a gesture that says, "Hey, I'm thinking of you and sending some warmth your way!"

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