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Memories Notebook

Memories Notebook

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In moments of grief and loss, comfort can often be found in the precious memories we hold dear.

This "Memories" A6 Lined Hardback Notebook is designed to be a safe place for the most treasured recollections of a loved one. With its soft feel cover, this notebook aims to be a comforting presence to those navigating the difficult path of bereavement.

This little notebook has 96 lined pages, ideal for jotting down thoughts, reflections, and stories so that they're never forgotten. Its compact size, means it can be popped in a bag or even a pocket, so that if a lovely memory comes to mind it can be noted down right away. Or if in a sadder moment, a happy memory might help, it can be right there ready to grab and read.

The white elasticated closing band ensures that every memory remains secure within the pages and the white bookmark ribbon means that most special moments can be easily revisited whenever needed.

Not only is gifting this notebook to someone who has experienced a bereavement a lovely gesture of understanding and support, it may also help them to remember, celebrate, and preserve the legacy of someone they held dear.

Size: 9 x 14cm
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