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Vegan Christmas Treats Hug in a Box

Vegan Christmas Treats Hug in a Box

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'Tis the season for letting loved ones know how much you appreciate them, and what better way to do that than by gifting a taste of Christmas cheer, all wrapped up in a delightful, vegan package. Our Vegan Christmas Treats Hug in a Box is here to make the festive season extra special.

In this signature BearHugs "hug in a box" gift box, your loved one will find...

🍫 A Handmade Dark Chocolate & Honeycomb Mini Chocolate Bar: Pure indulgence in a rich, velvety dark chocolate bar, topped with sweet, golden honeycomb pieces. It's a naturally vegan treat that's handmade with love by the talented chocolatiers at Sorrel's Cocoa Bakery, perfect for savouring the tasty flavours of the season.

🍬 Vegan Gummy Candy Cane Sweets: Our gummy candy cane sweets are a burst of festive flavour in every bite. These fun red and green sweeties are not only delicious but also vegan-friendly.

Sending this heartwarming, vegan gift is like sending a warm, virtual hug, wrapped in the spirit of the season. Whether you're sharing your love with a vegan friend, family member, or even yourself, our Vegan Christmas Treats Hug in a Box makes an ideal present.

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