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With Love and Sympathy Hug in a Box - Choose your mug!

With Love and Sympathy Hug in a Box - Choose your mug!

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Loss is one of the hardest things people can go through, and although we may not be able to fix everything for a loved one, we can always be there to help ease some of the pain.

We know it is the small moments and acts of kindness that can help our friends and family get through the tough days, so we’ve put together this With Love and Sympathy Hug in a Box for just these situations.

Our With Love and Sympathy Hug in a Box is packed with great love, thought and care and includes:

- a ceramic ‘A Little Brew To Get You Through’ mug

- a mini pack of English Breakfast Tea

- a delicious Island Bakery’s Shortbread Biscuits (either three mini packs or one box, dependent on availability)

- a four pack of unscented tea light candles

- a matchbox of Forget Me Not Seedballs

The trio of mug, biccies and tea gives your loved one everything they need to enjoy a super comforting cuppa and, with the ‘BearHug in a Mug’ text, they’ll always feel they have a part of you close by.

The tea light candles are lovely to light in a dark room and will help your loved one relax at the end of a long day.

Our little box of Forget Me Not Seedballs are easy to plant and can be done in memory of someone they may have lost. They bloom into wildflowers bringing a positive flash of life and colour.

If you can’t get to your loved one yourself, whether it’s because of distance or anything else, then our Senders of Hugs can post this With Love and Sympathy Hug in a Box straight to your loved one’s door. Remember to include a personalised message (with your name) at checkout so your friend or relative knows who that you’re thinking of them during their tough time.

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